We accompany you in your purchase decision, whether condominium, a townhouse or a country house in Spain we check and support you in your purchase decision. It is not only important that your new dream house suits you, but also that you know all the risks before buying and that you can make a reliable evaluation of the object yourself. You should know the advantages and disadvantages of your new property before you buy it. Because only then you can make the right decision. We will be happy to accompany you in the purchase of your new home in Spain.

Scope of the purchase advice Spain :

    -Object inspection

    -Building substance check

    -document check

    -Weaknesses and risks of the property

    -Purchase price check

    -Open questions about the property and purchase

The purchase consultation can be booked immediately at a fixed price from 500 €.

An expert look as well as a well-founded assessment can protect you from great, financial damage when buying your property.