Our property potential analysis analyses the current status of your Spanish investmentproperty(ies). The current status with regard to the location, the building fabric, the tenant target group, management and the available space are analysed. From this, the opportunities and risks as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the property are listed. These results are compared withthe current market and corresponding potentials are created through cost reduction, rent increase, expansion, modernisation or conversion. The property is inspected, the tenancy agreements and ancillary costs are evaluated and the ACTUAL, TARGET and CAN status is documented. The property potential analysis for the Spanish market is recommended if you want to optimise the yield of your property. If the property has been vacant for a long time or if the property costs are very high, a property potential analysis is the right basis for putting an end to this situation.

Objectives of the yield check :

     - Identify potential for rent increases

     - Identify cost drivers

     - Eliminate vacancies

     - Basis for property development

This advice is highly recommended for private property owners and landlords, not only because they have to deal with highly complex issues, but also because they have to do so in a different language. Unfortunately, there are far too few procedures in English or German.