Due to the current low interest rates, buying a property is particularly attractive. Since, due to the euro crisis, real estate in Spain in particular is very cheap, there could also be consi deration of buying a property abroad.

Real estate investments are considered a safe and profitable investment. High returns can be achieved in Spain. Immovesla helps you to place your investment concerns optimally.

We distinguish between two types of real estate investment in Spain. Before buying a property, you should think about the purpose for which you are buying it. Because this results in differences in what you have to consider.

      1. 1. Would you like to buy your property in Spain for your own use

As an owner-occupier, you can acquire a property abroad in order to, for example: holiday there, emigrate, have a retirement home.

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      2. 2. you acquire your property for letting / investment property

You buy your property as an investment. You can choose a residential property that is fully rented out or only rented out in the unused period, or you can opt for pure income properties, which can be commercial, industrial or residential properties that are rented out exclusively on a long-term basis at good conditions.

Here we have provided some real estate investments for you.

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With the help of our advice for Spanish real estate investments, you can do this carefree: As experienced and independent experts on the real estate market in and around Barcelona, we develop the optimal investment strategy for your individual needs and possibilities.

What you should consider when investing in real estate in Spain :

    -Good location - both the immediate surroundings and the region must be right

    -Substance of the property without hidden defects

    -Return and risk correspond to your ideas

    -Reasonable rental price multiplier (usually no higher than 30)

    -Solid return that meets your expectations