When buying a property abroad, it is advisable to seek advice during the buying process. Not only because of possible language barriers, legal complexities and cultural differences, you should consult a real estate expert. It is also not always easy to correctly interpret the structural condition or possible defects of the building. In this situation it is useful or even indispensable to have an experienced professional behind you who has no vested interest in the sale.

If you have already found a property and you are about to close the sale, it is very important to protect yourself legally. We would like to ask you not to sign any preliminary contracts (Earnest money contract) prematurely, even if these are customary in the Spanish market and are signed out of habit in real estate purchase transactions. These contracts usually have much more complex contents than the actual notarial certification and are bound to high capital commitments.

The additional costs for any property purchase in Spain are usually much higher than in your, and you should also get a clear picture of the ongoing maintenance costs.

We are also happy to advise you during the use of your property. As this is the intended use of the property and is also the longest lasting, we also advise you in these important matters to ensure an optimised and cost-reduced use.

In general, Immovesla offers you comprehensive real estate advice on all relevant real estate topics on the Spanish real estate market. We create market transparency and translate all necessary information and important documents into your native language.

We will be happy to provide you with a completely individual property consultation that meets your needs. We can deal with any real estate topic and not only with the purchase of real estate. We support you in all phases of the real estate life cycle.

Possible further consulting topics for the Spanish real estate market are :

     -Complex multilingual contract drafting in Spanish language

     -Dealing with holiday properties, as well as managing your property in Barcelona

     -Questions of real estate technology

     - cost calculation of renovations, contracting of maintenance measures

     -optimisation, portfolio consulting

     - economic efficiency calculations

     -Property management of your real estate in Barcelona and all of Catalonia